Karamasoft UltimateSpell for ASP.NET

Karamasoft UltimateSpell for ASP.NET 3.7

UltimateSpell adds a spell checker to your ASP.NET website

UltimateSpell helps you add a Microsoft Word®-like spell checker to your ASP.NET website or CMS product in just a few clicks. Includes:

-Word®-like Inline Spelling — Spell check as you type in any editable area by underlining misspelled words with a red squiggly line. Drag-and-drop onto your web form in Visual Studio, and run.

-Word®-like Spell Dialog — Display a traditional spell check dialog box to correct spelling mistakes sentence-by-sentence. Spell check 1500 words per second using the provided API.

-Life-Saver Samples — Use the provided C-and VB samples as your templates. Copy the most appropriate sample into your web application, and go live as quickly as possible.

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